July 18, 2008

We painted our kitchen. The holiday project!

Not the whole thing, just the cupboards. They were this beautiful wood grain laminate with wooden knobs for handles. Check it out now! This little makeover only set us back $220 including the handles! We still need to figure out:

Floors: currently carpet (awesome if you drop stuff and warm in winter, but a bit dirty). Looking at coloured cork tiles.

Benchtop: currently mustard coloured laminate. Supposedly laminate paint doesn’t work well in benches so maybe relaminating.

Splashback: beautiful ’70’s style tiles – need changing.

Fake brick walls: Had a plastered come to quote on gyprocking the lot including squaring off the lovely archway in the middle – reasonable but not yet.

Oven: I think we’ll go with a nice plain white one which will fit in the existing gap.


Looking Forward

June 21, 2008

This last uni assignment is dead set horrible and it’s making me sick with anxiety – not a nice feeling. I used the word insurmountable to describe it earlier and it still fits nicely. We do however have things to look forward to:

Sophia’s baptism – in less than 10 hours.

Cooking on the Norwest Anglican young adults weekend away – next weekend. Check out the preliminary menu below.

Visits to the new apple store and Cordial.

Catching up with friends including Steve and Sam

School holidays for Kate – I think she’s planning on painting the kitchen in an attempt to move away from the groovy 1970’s / ‘Papa Giuseppe’s Pizzeria’ vibe we’ve got going?

I’m looking forward to handing this assignment in…

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More Holidays

January 27, 2007

It seems like ages ago now but we just had more holidays!!!

After a couple of days hard work down at Beach Mission (which went really well – Praise God), Matt went back to work then took 2 weeks off while Kate finished school holidays.

We didn’t go anywhere – just hung out at the Toose Hoose, watched a few movies and only about 2 hours of TV, played a running Take 2 tournament which Matt won by just 6 points (146 – 140), read some books, worked on the garden (have a look at our new YouTube video – Toose Hoose Outside), painted a triptych for the lounge room, visited CMS Summer School and caught up with heaps of friends…

We had a great time. Mostly because we just got to hang out with each other for 2 week straight!

Gerroa Beach Mission – Advance Party
R-L: Simon, Naomi, James, Glenjamin, Peter, Hamish (Matt’s littlest bro), Dan (back), Matt D, Matt, Therse (back), Kate, Erica, Steve and Jen.

SUFM Gerroa – 06/07

‘Next’ – Michael Crichton.
One of Matt’s holiday reads. About genetics – very cool!

Out Abstract Triptych

The new look veggie garden (more updates to follow)