I’m Back – I think

January 13, 2009

Hey, I’m thinking that I’ll start posting again after yet another hiatus. Obviously I’m back from New Zealand. We had a break up at Avoca for a week after my return which was great. Sort of a last holiday before Baby Toose arrives – 8 weeks tomorrow – woooo!

Since then I’ve completed the last of my assignments to finally end this hectic year of study. Now I’m struggling to keep on at work stuff instead of getting ready for the new addition to our family, which I think is fair enough.

In the mean time we’ve adopted my youngest brother Mish who at the moment is in the baby’s room while we try to clear the granny flat out the back for him to move into. It’s been nice to have him around.

I’ve also been getting into roasting with Sam and Guthers – we’ll be selling our coffee here soon. Watching lots of cricket, shopping for baby stuff and celebrating Jesus birth with family and friends, so a fair bit to keep busy with. I have a feeling there will be plenty more to blog about in the near future. Catch you soon.


Posting on Roasting

November 12, 2008

trio-of-roastsSam has already posted on this, check out the pics and video, but I thought I’d put in my two cents.

I’ve just been playing with the lighter of the 2 roasts we did last Friday. You can see our first three attempts in the pic. Guess which was our first 🙂 I’m usually a fan of espresso with milk even if it’s just a macchiato – I enjoy both the flavour and the ritual of making it. So darker roasts are more my style, but this was pretty tasty. I’ve got nothing on Michelle for her tasting notes, but here goes: a bit of lemon and dark chocolate with a really full, syrupy mouth feel with a long lasting, sweet but slightly bitter (in a nice way) aftertaste. I tried the darker, but still slightly underdone, roast yesterday with similar results although less lemony – pretty good for only our third go. If you’re reading this Michelle would you like some of the lighter roast? I reckon it’d be right up your alley.

Roasting, on the whole was a blast. Good times to hang out and another skilll to learn (and hopefully master). Keeping roasting notes is kind of fun too, a bit like taking vital signs on patients which is my sort of thing, looking for patterns and differences. So far we’ve been recording: Date, Time, Outside Temp, General Conditions, Relative Humidity, Beans, Start weight, End weight, Start Temp, 1st Crack Time, Lowered Temp Time, 2nd Crack Time, Time Removed, and Notes. Any other suggestions?


October 25, 2008

Note that highlights is plural. Strap yourself in…

  • I felt the baby move this morning. Highlight of the highlights. Very, very cool!
  • Had a crash course in roasting from John with Sambo.
  • Packed up the roaster and brought it home – video of the craziness below.
  • Hit the Beer Festival with the brothers and Dad and Ceils – tasty!
  • Had dinner at Dee Why then good ice cream from an ice-creamery called Chill Bar

Whew, what a rush…

Cooking Weekend

August 27, 2007

Kate and I spent the weekend serving (literally) our brothers and sisters at Cumbo Uni Church. We cooked for them on their weekend away while they heard talks on Eschatology or ‘the end times’ (I had to ask). They had a great time and so did we. It was great to be a part of a small Uni Church again after our Mars Hill Anglican Church experience at Macquarie Uni a few years ago.

The highlights were pancakes, lots of apple crumble and choc chip cookies. This one is from the dough that didn’t fit on the trays – so we made a huge one!!!

We also went to Fresh on Sam and Soph’s recommendation. I had a piccolo of their fair trade Sumatran Single Origin and of their House blend. Both very good! Amazingly we ran into Libby and Matt as they were also following Sam and Soph’s advice while in the mountains for the CMS Federal AGM (I think?!?!). They were roasting as you can see on the embedded blogger video below (new feature!)

Coffee Roaster

April 4, 2007

I’ve just arrived home from night shift (the first of four) but had to post this. It was the last shift for one of the girls (Mel – who’s hurt her back and has to change jobs to rest it) so the night staff went out for breakfast in Crows Nest at a little place called Crow Zone Cafe.

I had to order a decaf flat white or I wouldn’t have a chance of going to sleep. It wasn’t a great coffee but they had their very own mini coffee roaster sitting on the bench next to the machine. They had it going most of the time which was pretty noisy and made that burnt, bitter smell of roasting green beans in the cafe even though it had it’s own chimney? It was still pretty cool!