Wonderful Toys

May 15, 2008

I was in Kmart yesterday looking for a present for Emily (decided on JJJ Hottest 100 CD) and while waiting for Kate to call me to confirm that this was cool I hung around the store. Security seemed a bit jittery about this hoodie wearing, nonchalantly wandering, stock examining young bloke…

Anyway, with a few moments spent in Kitchenware, Electronics, Car Accessories and Sporting I spent most of my time in the Toys section. There are cool options for the young and young at heart these days! A few highlights were:
– Nerf air powered rapid fire dart guns (not that new) and a blow dart tube.
– Super soaker with a refill port big enough for ice cubes (that’s just mean)
– plush Star Wars figurines

I reminisced about cool toys we used to have:
– Bandit crossbow with suction cup tipped darts that we modified with thumbtacks (Heathrow Customs didn’t confiscate these)
– Cap guns especially some very realistic ones we bought in the UK (Customs did take these)
– Super soakers of all shapes and sizes
– GI Joe – I still have these in a box under the house (and they’re making a GI Joe movie)
– Lego – lots and lots of Lego

What were your favourite toys?


Where is the love?

July 5, 2007

One thing I really love is a bargain. Never pay retail! Another thing I love in close conjunction with my affinity for a deal is my credit card (a very dangerous weapon in the hands of an experienced operator). It was in this pursuit that I visited Aldi today. This is probably my fourth excursion to the great German supermarket. I was looking for two of their ‘special items’ – a cast iron enamel skillet and frypan (I also love cooking). Unfortunately they were sold out so I had to settle for a dutch oven (heh heh heh). What annoyed me was not the fact that they sold out within 2 hours of going on sale but the severe lack of assistance and courtesy (verging on rudness) supplied by the staff and then they slugged me a surcharge for using my credit card. Where is the love?