Nekked Group (Handle)

May 31, 2008

Couldn’t resist taking a ‘study break’ 😉 to cut up my single group handle and make it NAKED! Neil’s advice here was invaluable – thanks! I had the tools and the inclination, what was to stop me? For play by play photos go here.

Want me to do yours?


Studying and Procrastinating

April 8, 2008

I’ve a lot of work to do for Uni today so obviously I’m doing a fair amount of procrastinating – it would be good if you would all stop posting and let me work 😉 The first assignment is due on Wednesday and the second on Friday so they are close enough for my adrenaline driven panic mode to be setting in. Actually I think putting those thoughts to type has just kicked the ‘last minute’ mechanism into gear. Yeehaa!


October 23, 2007

I handed in my application to do a Postgraduate Certificate in Acute Care Nursing next year. I had promised myself I wouldn’t do any more study – obviously not a very trustworthy bloke 🙂 It’s one year part time and gives me the cred to apply to be a nurse specialist. Now begins the joyous task of applying for scholarships. Your prayers would be appreciated.