More Holidays

January 27, 2007

It seems like ages ago now but we just had more holidays!!!

After a couple of days hard work down at Beach Mission (which went really well – Praise God), Matt went back to work then took 2 weeks off while Kate finished school holidays.

We didn’t go anywhere – just hung out at the Toose Hoose, watched a few movies and only about 2 hours of TV, played a running Take 2 tournament which Matt won by just 6 points (146 – 140), read some books, worked on the garden (have a look at our new YouTube video – Toose Hoose Outside), painted a triptych for the lounge room, visited CMS Summer School and caught up with heaps of friends…

We had a great time. Mostly because we just got to hang out with each other for 2 week straight!

Gerroa Beach Mission – Advance Party
R-L: Simon, Naomi, James, Glenjamin, Peter, Hamish (Matt’s littlest bro), Dan (back), Matt D, Matt, Therse (back), Kate, Erica, Steve and Jen.

SUFM Gerroa – 06/07

‘Next’ – Michael Crichton.
One of Matt’s holiday reads. About genetics – very cool!

Out Abstract Triptych

The new look veggie garden (more updates to follow)




CMS Summer School

January 2, 2007

CMS Summer School is fast approaching. It’s something my family has been involved in since 1985. We went as a family to Tanzania as missionaries with CMS.

Tonight we have my Dad and Celia for dinner, who tomorrow are heading to Katoomba to begin setup. We’re planning on going up on the Wednesday with my Grandma – hope to see you there.

Dad has been telling me that all the talks will be instantly available online at and you can check out the Summer School Blog for updates and videos.