The Search Part 1

May 24, 2007

The Search began today!

I went into Parramatta (the official search area) after dropping Kate at work. I had one hour for $1 at the parking station to get tasting…

The only suggestion (sort of) I’d had was from SamR and that was the cafe that’s started in place of his old tamping ground ‘CT’s’ on the corner of Macquarie St and Horwood Place. They were pretty busy as they have a ‘$2 take away before 10am’ deal which I took them up on for a short time… before I tipped the tasteless, Aero milked, over heated liquid down the closest gutter grate and dropped the cup in the bin. Not a great start 😦

Not to be defeated I looked up and across the road I saw a beacon of hope, a Toby’s Estate umbrella outside the unusually named (and logoed) Sea Food Connection. I walked over and met Ernest, the barista and co-owner, a Filipino bloke who chose Toby’s because it was the best. It’s not a busy cafe by any stretch of the imagination (I was there for about 40 minutes and he did 4 coffees). I ordered a latte first, which he served in a tall slim white mug (not a great choice) – it tasted ok but the milk was a bit rough. He then cranked out a couple for some customers as I cringed at the milk he poured into their paper cups. We talked coffee for a bit, I let on that I was a fan, he offered me a crack at the machine, I pulled a shot a bit fast and covered it with some passable art, he was impressed. I watched him make a another coffee, offered my (maybe not so) humble advice – tamp harder (slow down the shot) and practice his milk. I had to leave while he out the back taking deliveries but as I coughed up the $6 for my two coffees I noticed a Bible verse magnet on the register – definitely a topic of conversation for next time. Not the end of my quest but he has potential…

The Search will continue! Stay tuned for more updates…


The Search

May 13, 2007

I’ve the next two days off. At the moment I’m at Kate’s school after dropping her at work and will soon head over to Eastwood for a coffee from Centro and a crossiant from the Korean bakery near Franklins. I just read a coffee related post from Guthers here and have been further inspired – I’ve been thinking about trying to find a decent coffee in Parramatta (the closest hub of civilisation to the Toose Hoose). I think it might require some cash and a bit of time with the intention of making a coffee crawl through Parra CBD. I thought I’d start by letting my fingers do the walking and call a few cafes asking the following and collating the answers:

Are you serious about coffee?
How many coffees does your cafe do in a day?
What coffee?
What machine?

Any other questions I should ask? Any ideas on which cafes to hit first?