I’m Back – I think

January 13, 2009

Hey, I’m thinking that I’ll start posting again after yet another hiatus. Obviously I’m back from New Zealand. We had a break up at Avoca for a week after my return which was great. Sort of a last holiday before Baby Toose arrives – 8 weeks tomorrow – woooo!

Since then I’ve completed the last of my assignments to finally end this hectic year of study. Now I’m struggling to keep on at work stuff instead of getting ready for the new addition to our family, which I think is fair enough.

In the mean time we’ve adopted my youngest brother Mish who at the moment is in the baby’s room while we try to clear the granny flat out the back for him to move into. It’s been nice to have him around.

I’ve also been getting into roasting with Sam and Guthers – we’ll be selling our coffee here soon. Watching lots of cricket, shopping for baby stuff and celebrating Jesus birth with family and friends, so a fair bit to keep busy with. I have a feeling there will be plenty more to blog about in the near future. Catch you soon.



October 22, 2008

I should be doing my final uni assignment (it’s almost finished) but spurred on by the comments on my last post and my upcoming free time I thought I should post our biggest news of late, which most of you already well know. We’re having a baby.

As I type Kate is reading ‘Week 20’ in Kaz Cooke’s ‘Up The Duff’ because tomorrow she will be… you guessed it… 20 weeks pregnant! We have our next ultrasound on Tuesday so there should be some cool pics to post.

I will try to post more often now that I’ve broken the drought (again). Potential post:

  • new Beer Lovers book I got for my birthday
  • my ever improving latte art
  • coffee roasting
  • North Rocks at Night updates (check out the new look site)
  • New Zealand conference trip
  • my apparent weight gain, the frequency of comments about it and my plans to think about doing something about it
  • What’s cooking
  • Great ideas
  • and more..

Thanks for reading.


July 18, 2008

Uni assignments – all done – Yay! Next semester should be easier with only one subject. Here’s hoping…

Looking Forward

June 21, 2008

This last uni assignment is dead set horrible and it’s making me sick with anxiety – not a nice feeling. I used the word insurmountable to describe it earlier and it still fits nicely. We do however have things to look forward to:

Sophia’s baptism – in less than 10 hours.

Cooking on the Norwest Anglican young adults weekend away – next weekend. Check out the preliminary menu below.

Visits to the new apple store and Cordial.

Catching up with friends including Steve and Sam

School holidays for Kate – I think she’s planning on painting the kitchen in an attempt to move away from the groovy 1970’s / ‘Papa Giuseppe’s Pizzeria’ vibe we’ve got going?

I’m looking forward to handing this assignment in…

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June 1, 2008

We’ve a small stack of cheap ex-rental DVD’s bought recently that we haven’t had time to watch. We buy them instead of hiring which is almost as expensive and means other people can borrow them (and Kate can watch the chick flicks over and over 🙂 ). Kate has almost finished her reports but I’ve a way to go with uni assignments. Patience, patience…

No Country For Old Men – Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem

Rescue Dawn – Christian Bale

27 Dresses – Katherine Heigl

Flyboys – James Franco

The Guardian – Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher

P.S. I Love You – Hilary Swank

Lions For Lambs – Redford, Streep, Cruise

Michael Clayton – George Clooney

Bee Movie – Seinfeld, Zellweger

Blogging is useful

May 22, 2008

I posted on a blog of sorts yesterday regarding one of the 3 uni assignments I have cooking at the moment. When our lecturer announced that participating on the subject discussion board was mandatory for this assignment there were a few who looked a little daunted at the prospect. I put it down to my time on the blogs that I didn’t share their trepidation. Last night I wrote up a brief explanation of the patient I planned to study and my thoughts on the two areas of health management I was focusing on. My lecturer replied this morning with some good advice and a very helpful and interesting link to a pain management site. Have a look if you’re interested.

What has blogging helped you do?

Studying and Procrastinating

April 8, 2008

I’ve a lot of work to do for Uni today so obviously I’m doing a fair amount of procrastinating – it would be good if you would all stop posting and let me work 😉 The first assignment is due on Wednesday and the second on Friday so they are close enough for my adrenaline driven panic mode to be setting in. Actually I think putting those thoughts to type has just kicked the ‘last minute’ mechanism into gear. Yeehaa!