Holiday mode

January 16, 2009

I’m still in holiday mode: cruising along at work; a bit of handyman stuff around the house; relaxing in the evenings; that sort of thing. I think it’s a bit of school holidays vibe which flows onto the traffic. My theory is that good traffic (if there is such a thing) means you’re more relaxed at work and it all flows from there. While I say this, it took me an hour to get home this arvo due to some hairyness on Concord Rd – boo! It’s funny how a stressful experience can have such an impact. Maybe I shouldn’t let it stress me so much. Triple J’s feature album this week is Fever Ray, they played a song off the album this morning during which I felt quite relaxed. It’s funny too that such a small thing can have such an impact.


I’m Back – I think

January 13, 2009

Hey, I’m thinking that I’ll start posting again after yet another hiatus. Obviously I’m back from New Zealand. We had a break up at Avoca for a week after my return which was great. Sort of a last holiday before Baby Toose arrives – 8 weeks tomorrow – woooo!

Since then I’ve completed the last of my assignments to finally end this hectic year of study. Now I’m struggling to keep on at work stuff instead of getting ready for the new addition to our family, which I think is fair enough.

In the mean time we’ve adopted my youngest brother Mish who at the moment is in the baby’s room while we try to clear the granny flat out the back for him to move into. It’s been nice to have him around.

I’ve also been getting into roasting with Sam and Guthers – we’ll be selling our coffee here soon. Watching lots of cricket, shopping for baby stuff and celebrating Jesus birth with family and friends, so a fair bit to keep busy with. I have a feeling there will be plenty more to blog about in the near future. Catch you soon.


July 18, 2008

As well as all the other stuff below we’ve been busy with:

Sophia L’s baptism.

Watching the Wallabies.

Parent teacher interviews (for Kate).

Baby shower for Bernie which I went to – hah hah – a boy at a baby shower. I got in with my coffee machine to make drinks for the ladies. Bernie went into labour that evening. She and JJ have had a baby boy – Nathan. Yay!

All this and working which I’m really enjoying recently.

I’ll try to keep up on the blogging now that I’ve broken the drought. Thanks for pestering me about it 😉

Real God!

February 24, 2008

This clip from an ER episode really hit me. I’ve been asked ‘meaning of life’ questions in my work as a nurse. Never this aggressively but I wish they’d been direct and open yet definite like this guy. Wow! h/t craig

“I want a real chaplain who believes in a real God and a real hell … I
need someone who will look me in the eye and tell me how to find

Chocolate Cake…

February 22, 2008

… makes everything better. Work has been particularly stressful and draining at work this week so I made this chocolate cake for the staff. It helped a little, I think, but didn’t stop me from being off sick today : ( . It was sweet, dark and rich – yum!

Hope the Greek and Hebrew exams go well today – let me know if you need some chocolate cake?

Media Savvy?

September 13, 2007

It’s not often that I comment on current events or controversial topics but I am giving it a go right now:

I had to attend a meeting near home today which started at 9am (a little more humane than my usual 7.30am start). This meant that after dropping Kate at school I had 90 minutes to kill. I took care of that time discrepancy like Arnie would a bad guy, by shooting over to Eastwood and attacking a plate of French toast with bacon & maple syrup (piccolo and a flat white were caught in the crossfire too!).

While completing my breakfast mission I had an unusual opportunity to read The SMH. Two articles caught most of my attention. This one on Russia’s new bomb dubbed ‘The Father of All Bombs” which reminded me of my Modern History days of studying The Cold War and the arms race – maybe God is going to end it and Jesus will return?!?

The other piece was this one on the publication of Mother Theresa’s personal letters which show she was human (well duh?) with human doubts and the human ability to have faith. Richard Dawkins who calls himself an “anti-theist” is either really going to cop it (either that or be saved).

Controversial? Maybe. Media savvy? I think not…

Different Perspective

August 21, 2007

I’m doing a different job at the moment looking after the TAFE Enrolled Nurse trainees. It’s going well – it’s a nice change and gives my aging body 🙂 a chance to rest and recover from all the aches and pains. I had a meeting today up on level 13 (as high as you can go before you hit the roof) in the board room and this was the view. Nice!