Real God!

February 24, 2008

This clip from an ER episode really hit me. I’ve been asked ‘meaning of life’ questions in my work as a nurse. Never this aggressively but I wish they’d been direct and open yet definite like this guy. Wow! h/t craig

“I want a real chaplain who believes in a real God and a real hell … I
need someone who will look me in the eye and tell me how to find


Facebook Song

October 21, 2007

Very clever and very funny! (h/t Kate)


June 25, 2007

Very powerful skit from Winterfest in Knoxville TN. You need to watch the whole thing.
h/t Suzanne

Apple iRack

March 20, 2007

This is great – h/t Dave

Mish Is Funny

February 27, 2007

Check this guy out. My brother Hamish showed it to me when he was over helping me move a lounge and a table.

There’s more here.

Top 10 Video Game Weapons

February 4, 2007

Check this out. The laptop gun rocks.